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CyberDX-SSB is a Cyberspace Simulation of Amateur Radio SSB DXCC

CyberDX-CW is a software simulation of an amateur radio station monitoring the world. The user attempts to work all of the countries in the world, using Morse code (CW). The countries are the same as those defined by the ARRL DXCC program as of 9 May 2000 (currently 334 countries). Only active countries count for awards.

Note: If you start late, you will loose time for the overall Honor Roll program, so order your copy today.

The software generates a simulated radio environment, where the operator can tune all of the HF bands and actually hear computer generated station activity. The user identifies and answers DX stations. The probability of a user hearing a given station is dependent upon:

The probability of a DX station hearing you is dependent upon:

Sound Clip Of CyberDX-CW in action




Current CyberDX-CW Honor Roll Listings

CyberDX-CW Screen:




Note for UPGRADES: Upgrades are FREE. Downloads must download entire setup, since the version of the compiler was changed. Make sure you save your log files to another directory and put them back in the Cyber_DX directory after the new installation. Also, you will have to remake your registration database file with the Prgm-Reg.exe program. Your existing registration number will work.

Single File Installation:

Download CyberDX-CW Version 1.41 (2,607KB) self installing EXE file

Floppy Disk Sized Installation files:

Download CyberDX-CW Version 1.41, Disk 1 (1242KB Zip File)

Download CyberDX-CW Version 1.41, Disk 2 (1247KB Zip File)


Download CyberDX-CW Users Manual (74KB) ZIP, WORD 97 Document



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