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Updated 28 February 2010

CWOps Member Query (CMQ) - VERSION 1.1 - NOW AVAILABLE
CMQ is Totally Free to all users. Donations, via PayPal or credit card, are accepted, but not required, see button at the bottom of the page.

CWOps Member Query Utility (CMQ) Version 1.1

02-28-2010 List

Download CMQ Setup MSI File-- Version 1.1
Requires installed NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Download at:

Latest CWOps Member and N1MM History File for CWOps monthly mini-CWT Tests.

02-28-2010 Update

Download cwops_history.dat File

LotW1.txt, CWOps &VE3NEA BandMaster LoTW File

02-28-2010 Update

Download Latest LotW1.TXT

UPDATES: After Installation of CMQ, Update the cwops_history.dat and/or lotw1.txt files by just replacing the file of the same name in the application's directory. When new versions of the CMQ.EXE program are released, just replace the file with the same name in the application's directory, there is no need to reinstall the whole program.
User Enters Callsign and program searches the database for the callsign. If the callsign is in the CWOps and/or the LoTW users listing, the call turns green, indicating that the callsign is a member of the CWOps Club and the name of the operator and his CWOps membership number is displayed. In addition, if LoTW is used by the owner of the callsign, the green"LOTW" indicator is turned. If the Callsign List window is open, by clicking any of the CWOps member callsigns will produce the same data noted above.

Nr Callsigns shows the total number of callsigns in use by members of the CWOps Club. This is higher than the number of member numbers given out because some members have multiple callsigns. The Date code shown in the block labled CWOps is the date of the cwops_history.dat file used with the program, which can be replaced when a updated file is made available..

For countries comprising more than one zone, all zones in that country is displayed.

Click "List" button to view or hide the callsign list. Scrollable list shows all the callsigns in the CWOps Member database, as of the date of the cwops_history.dat file.

Click on a callsign to move it to the Window above, which will cause the display of user information and LoTW membership status.

Just enter a space at any time to reset the callsign entry window.

When a new callsign is entered, the highlighted callsign is the first one on the list that matches the partial call entered. Only works after two characters have been entered. As you continue to type the callsign, the highlighted callsign will change to the call with the best match.

When program is closed changes in the displayed location and the status of the callsign list are saved and then used the next time the program is open to reproduce the same relative screen position for the window.

Use this program to quickly identify those stations that are either members of the CWOps Club and/or using LotW which are more apt to upload their logs to LotW and make available confirmtion QSLs for use in the DX awards programs supported by the ARRL. At the present time stations representing 331 different DXCC countries are included in the data file maintained by Robert - HB9BZA and the associated database implementation maintained by Bill - N5RR

If you like the FREE program and feel like you would like to donate to the process of developing and maintaining FREEWARE, you are welcome to use the buttons below to quickly donate, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, or $10.00 to help defray the cost of the providing softare utilities. We will be releasing other Freeware in the near future.



To grow the callsign listing even more, please send the callsigns of known LotW users or your lotwreport.adi QSL files to for processing and inclusion.

The LOGBOOK OF THE WORLD (LotW) is a trademark of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

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