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CyberCWContest is a Cyberspace Simulation of a CW Contest

Updated install file (Version 1.51) for CyberCWContest

CyberCWContest is a software simulation of an amateur radio contest. The user attempts to work as many stations in as many different countries and zones on one or more amateur bands in a given time period, using Morse code (CW).

The software generates a simulated radio environment, where the operator can tune the HF contest bands and actually hear computer generated station activity. The user either identifies and answers DX stations or calls CQ and responds to stations that call. The probability of a user hearing a given station is dependent upon:

         Time of day (estimated propagation)

         Noise Level (band related)

         QRM from other simulated stations

         Band in use and frequency (estimated propagation)

         Number of "real world" amateurs in the particular country

         Your latitude and longitude (estimated propagation to other station)

The probability of a DX station hearing you is dependent upon:

         Number of stations calling other than you (pileups can get worse the longer the station is on a given frequency)

         Timing of your call (as in the real world, you will have to time your call to minimize interference)

         Use of tail-ending, tail-ending is allowed, but only within the accepted practice of waiting until the current station gives his signal report.

         CW speed is dependent on where in the band you are tuned, with higher speed stations in lower portion of each band.

         Updates will be published on our WEB page. The user simply downloads the new install file and runs it, which will place new files in the proper directory where CyberCWContest resides. The program will automatically incorporate any new file or database the next time the program is started.

When calling CQ, responding stations follow the same dependencies as described above, however the more rare stations have a smaller probability of responding than those stations that are simply active somewhere on the band. This fact, as in the real world will drive the contest operator to looking around the band for multipliers. Up to five simultaneous callers may be active, depending on band conditions.

Sound Clip Of CyberCWContest in action


         Keyboard CW Mode, no separate keyer or key required. Required Morse sequences are pre-programmed

         Any of the six normal contest bands may be used, 160-10 meters.

         Spectrum Display Unit (SDU) type display, with point and click to change frequency. Includes both wide and narrow band sweep modes.

         Change frequency by mouse or keyboard

         Change IF Filter

         Change CW pitch and sidetone frequencies

         QRM from other stations, DX works 2-way with other callers, etc.

         CQ or calling mode supported

         Silent monitor mode

         Change program defaults for your speed, base DX speed (for slower ops), your monitor volume, sidetone frequency, BFO offset, and program volume.

         Automatic Logging and Score keeping.

         Listings of worked and needed countries and prefixes by band

         Listing of worked stations (log sheet)

         On-line Help (manuals are generally not needed for normal operations)

         Multiple log files allow for participating in multiple contests.

         Use of portable callsigns for simulated DX-pedition periods.

         Plotting function to view operating statistics.

         Option to use the CT logging program function keys for operation.

         Version 1.5 implements support for the ARRL DX CW type contest in addition to the CQWW CW type. <NEW>

         Version 1.5 implements support for multiple user callsigns, selectable at start of program. <NEW>


         Windows95,Windows98, or WindowsNT/2000/XP

         Minimum 486-66 or Pentium based system, 8MB RAM, 10MB disk space

         VGA or better display adapter (color display desirable)

         Must Have A SoundBlaster Compatible Sound Card

Contest High Score Listings:

         High scorers will be listed on the web page.

         WEB page high score listings (by band and all-band and time, 4, 8, 12, 24, and 48 periods will be separately listed). The high score listings will be updated weekly, log receipt cut-off being each Friday morning at 9AM Central Time Zone, with the associated listing posted on the high score listings web page by the following Monday at 9AM Central Time Zone. Before sending in your log, check the minimum number of countries required for the honor roll as defined by the entry at the bottom of the honor roll listing.

         Awards are verified by sending in your log file via EMAIL as an attachment (

         Additional short time contests will be announced.

View Current CyberCWContest High Score Listings

CyberCWContest Screen:


CyberCWContest Log Statistics Screen:



         Download Version without printed manual or disks, $19.95

         Program disks cost extra $10.00 + shipping (printed manuals are not required, program can be run with the include on-line help system).


         Use PayPal Button on Main Page

         Direct (1-417-334-4393) (program disks mailed direct)

         WEB Download (fully functional program, but with fixed callsign "WZ0XYZ" and has annoying messages after twenty QSOs per band)


Single File Installation:
Download CyberCWContest Version 1.51 (2,309KB) self installing MSI file for Windows NT/2000/XP only
Download CyberCWContest Version 1.51 (4,019KB) self installing EXE file for Windows 95/98 and Windows 7

Previous Version:
Download CyberCWContest Version 1.41 (2,504KB) self installing EXE file for Windows 95/98

Floppy Disk Sized Installation files:
Download CyberCWContest Version 1.41, Disk 1 (1,259KB) ZIP
Download CyberCWContest Version 1.41, Disk 2 (1,144KB) ZIP

Download CyberCWContest Users Manual Version 1.5 (410KB) ZIP, WORD Document

Download CyberCWContest Users Manual Version 1.4 (369KB) ZIP, WORD Document


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