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Updated: 28 March 2011


LotW User Query Utility (LUQ) Version 1.4

03-11-2010 List

Download LUQ -- Version 1.4

Latest_User_Data.txt, LUQ User Callsign File

03-28-2010 Update

Download Latest LUQ Data File

LotW1.txt, VE3NEA BandMaster LoTW File

03-28-2010 Update

Download Latest LotW1.TXT

LotW.MDB, SpotCollector ver. 3.0.4 or later Notes: 1, 2

03-28-2010 Update

Download Latest LotW.MDB

Note1: Download and place the LotW.mdb file in DXView's Database folder (if DXView is installed) or SpotCollector's Database folder (if DXView isn't installed).
Note2: Some users report that the extension of the file is automatically changed by an update of the database verision for Microsoft office. Simply change the extension back to MDB and everything should work properly.
User Enters Callsign and program searches the database for the callsign. If the callsign is in the database, the call turns green, indicating that the callsign is known to be a user of ARRL's LotW. If the Callsign List window is open, by clicking the list button, the highlighted area will move corresponding to the progress of typing in the callsign.

Nr Users shows the total number of callsigns in the database. Use this number to regularily check the website for an updated file, which can be downloaded and placed in your "C:\LotW\User\Query" directory. Updates are available when the number of callsigns shown on the web page is higher than the number shown.

For countries comprising more than one zone, all zones in that country is displayed.

Scrollable list shows all the callsigns in the database file.

Double Click on a callsign to move it to the Window above, which will display the information

When a new callsign is entered, the highlighted callsign is the first one on the list that matches the partial call entered. Only works after two characters have been entered.

Use this program to quickly identify those stations that are using LotW and are more apt to upload their logs to LotW and make available confirmtion QSLs for use in the DX awards programs supported by the ARRL. At the present time stations representing 333 different DXCC countries are included in the data file maintained by Robert - HB9BZA and the associated database implementation maintained by Bill - N5RR

To grow the callsign listing even more, please send the callsigns of known LotW users or your lotwreport.adi QSL files to for processing and inclusion.

The LOGBOOK OF THE WORLD (LotW) is a trademark of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

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